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Check out some of the sounds recorded at the Silicon Hills DJ Competition being held at Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, TX. Find out when the next event is happening by clicking here. Click the images on this page to listen! Week 1: Saltz vs Belmont Winner: Belmont Guest judge: Sliver [LISTEN]160113-silicon-hills-dj-bannerWeek 2: Kahlo vs. Alex Rook Winner: Alex Rook Guest Judge: Steel Grooves [LISTEN]160120 shdj weekly banner 2Week 3: Steady B vs. Casual T Winner: Steady B Guest judge: Keine Moniker [LISTEN]160127-shdj weekly banner 3Week 4: Jank Mode vs Juggernaut Winner: Jank Mode Guest judge: Beatchaser [LISTEN]shdj weekly banner feb 3rdWeek 5:  DJ Vox vs. Deuce Parks Winner: DJ Vox Guest Judge: RiCHARD.GEAR [LISTEN]160210-silicon-hills-dj-bannerWeek 6: Chris Nelson vs. Kadabra Winner: Chris Nelson Guest Judge: Medicinne [LISTEN]shdj weekly banner feb 17thRound 2 Week 1: Alex Rook vs. Belmont Winner: Belmont Guest Judge: Ricardo Sandoval [LISTEN]shdj weekly banner feb 24thRound 2 Week 2: Jank Mode vs. Steady B Winner: Steady B Guest Judge: Sharkweek [LISTEN]160302-siilicon-hills-dj-bannerRound 2 Week 3: DJ Vox vs. Chris Nelson Winner: Chris Nelson Guest Judge: Daveed [LISTEN]160309-silicon-hills-dj-banner Quarter Final: Steady B vs. Chris Nelson vs. Belmont Guest Judge: TBA [LISTEN]