Learning Secrets 11th Anniversary with Todd Edwards at Kingdom (1/17) Tickets available at: http://bit.ly/1yE7AOT --- Todd Edwards--- 'If You Want' - http://youtu.be/vw9QxFBZY5A "Save My LIfe" - http://youtu.be/H3R0bql-VDo "Face To Face" - http://youtu.be/dKJfJMMsqX4 ------------------------- In a few short weeks, Learning Secrets, one of Austin's longest running Dance parties is turning 11 years old! Totally mental. It's been an insane ride, and we only have all of you to thank for that. To celebrate we're incredibly stoked to be bringing in House & Garage living legend Todd "the God" Edwards to be joining us in the mighty Kingdom booth. Don't recognize the name? That's ok, just put on Daft Punk's "Face to Face" or "Fragments of Time" and you'll recognize his work. Or for the heads, you'll know him as the master of the Garage sound, a true House music pioneer and visionary. We couldn't be more honored to have through, and share our special night with all of y'all. 16219_778771378861048_8740101690998135904_n