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Member of Praia Urbana Featured on Hypersonic #511-160325

Originally from the United States, Steven Towers spent the years of his youth in Japan, Australia, Portugal, the east coast of the U.S. and Texas, where he now resides. Steven got his start in music at the age of 12, when he learned to play the saxophone. Growing up all over the world led to his music taste having a variety of influences. However, he’s always stayed away from anything even resembling the mainstream. He began to DJ while living in Germany in the 90’s and actually started off playing mostly hip-hop. Meanwhile, he was buying records of several different styles, which included house, techno, pyschedelic trance, big beat, breakbeat and drum and bass. In Germany he landed his first residency at a small bar and then began to get booked in other venues, because of his hip-hop sets. Meanwhile, he was developing a love for the other genres of records that he was also buying. Ignoring music boundaries from the beginning, he began putting together mixes with house, techno, psychedelic trance, ambient, big beat and breakbeat all together. One of his tapes was heard by the Macrocosmos DJ crew in Germany and he was invited to become part of the crew. It is with Macrocosmos that he began to help put on events and DJ in the other genres that he loved. In the early 2000’s, Steven returned to the United States to finish his schooling and eventually landed in Houston. It is here that he met Bobby Blyss and Alex Clavijo. The three started off putting on an event called Open House and had a great amount of success. At the time, it was one of the only house music events going on in Houston. However, they still were not satisfied with just this event, so they then came up with the idea to create an amazing day time festival called Praia Urbana, which has now become what many people call one of the best parties in Texas.

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