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top ten DJ bio cliches:

10. “Seville’s unique [n] is what sets him apart from the rest,” where n = some trait all DJs actually have in common (or think we do): “skillz,” “energy,” “talent,” “passion,” “taste,” “boyish good looks,” “multi-core CPU,” “sexual and/or liver stamina,” etc.

9. Broken English in European DJ bios. Dude, i will by gladness edit it for $10 only with to make the tongue-twisting pain come to the stop.

8. “Undoubtedly”. i have my doubts!

7. From-birth bios. Typically include piano or drum lessons and the revelation that i “…was attracted to music at a very early age.” Who wasn’t, unless they’re deaf?

6. “Seville’s [see common traits/ cliches above] speaks for itself.” Well, no, actually it doesn’t. But i wish it did… then we could all skip DJ bios!

5. Lists of famous DJs I’ve played “alongside.” Everybody can tell i was actually booked in the “Groove Room” three hundred yards away and four hours apart.

4. “Seville is clearly a rising star in the apartment-video, invited-to-djbeatport-beta scene.” If i can predict the future, shouldn’t i be finding a substitute for fossil fuels or something instead of dropping fat beats?

3. “Seville’s [see common cliches above] is destroying dancefloors far and wide.” Where the heck will we dance then?! Are these war crimes? Are they violating international treaties? i hope i’m not in trouble. Hopefully Kofi Annan is just going to issue a “stern warning” and that’ll be the end of it.

2. NOT telling you right away what kind of music i play. At least you know about all the really important stuff though, like the piano lessons, the “unique energy” that “sets him apart” and that i “opened for” DJ U-Actually-Recognize.

1. Writing my own bio in the third person. We all know i wasn’t interviewed by some breathless entertainment journalist longing to capture the zeitgeist that is Seville Lilly and thereby speak on behalf of his entire generation, so why pretend otherwise?

WHAT DO i DJ? past, present and future underground… all kinds. house (it ALL comes back to house, doesn’t it?), uk funky, uk garage, future garage, deepstep, techno and drum & bass are some of my faves. i love blending and transitioning between genres.

HOW DO i DJ? many DJs are content to play tracks. i work tracks… like a second job.

WHERE DO i DJ? Chicago and Austin, TX. .

WHY DO i DJ? because i have to discover and share new music… the way other, unweird people have to eat, sleep and breathe.

Appeared on Hypersonic: 140620


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