He calls it simply “a lifestyle”. Although Mario Estrada a.k.a. ZombieM [ Zombie Mode / Draft ] was born in the Sun City of El Paso Texas, his main roots come from the City of Juarez, Mexico. It was there, He was first introduced to the music of House, Techno and the local Underground beats by Pastilla Digital in 1992. After a decade, He gained experience and a natural understanding of underground music, rave, dance, history, and hardcore promoting, which allows him to determinate it all.

The profound change has taken Zombie M from the complex and hard life in Mexico to his current hometown in Austin, Texas [Live Music Capital of the World] where every night over hundred venues stage live music. The relax atmosphere has been quite inspiring and useful to Mario through his lengthy journey. From flyer guy to certified flyer designer, from Promoter to Dj / Producer, Mario founded Zombie Mode LLC; a company dedicated to support quality underground electronic music [www.zombiemodeevents.com]. He has played and collaborated with many international productions and artists such as Lazaro Casanova [ Petfood ], Lee Curtiss , Prince Club & Poupon [ Petfood ], Matador [ Minus ], Roberto Apodaca [ Draft | Draft Ltd ] , Daniel Dubb [ Rejected | DV8 ], Chris Fortier [ Fade Records | Bedrock ] , and selected venues within the scene proving his respect for music and quality events. It is due to his love and Sublime persona that’s capture emotion, ZombieM will make abundantly clear to the world his vision of Underground Electronic Music.

Featured on Hypersonic: 131227