J-Dubz is the creative alter ego for dj / audio engineer / resident computer junkie jeremy Wagor.

A New York native that traded the east coast splendor for the west coast weather as he grew up in San Diego where he began his music career. Born from the “underground dance scene” back in the early 1990’s j-dubz first started to dj in 1997. His early days where heavily influenced by the west coast disco funk house sound that emanated from San Francisco’s famed Wicked Crew & Funky Tekno Tribe. House influences included such artists / dj’s as:

Vitamin D, Peace, Division, Tony Thomas, Simon, Garth, Jeno, Thomas, DJ Dan, Buck, Halo, Hipp-e, Johnny Fiasco, Lee Cabera, Mephisto Odyssey, Mojolators, Sean Bidde, Nique, The Floorfillers,

and the list goes on……..

In search of a more potent dance floor sound j-dubz was introduced to true techno by a pair of Texans in late 1998. Learning from the early works of such artists as Cari Lekebusch, Stanny Franssen, and Marco Carola j-dubz’s techno adventure began as he gave birth to what is now his signature sound. A combination of groovy house rhythms fused together by techno precision to create an adrenaline based discofunk injected, foot stompin, floor shakin, earth quakin, groovalicious beat that is guaranteed to have the dance floor moving in unison. Present day techno influences include:

Carl Falk, Elton D, Misjah, Preach, Hertz, Killian, Markantonio, Marco G, Marko Nastic, Pedro Delgardo, Steel Grooves, Axel Karakasis, Ben Sims, and again the list goes on and on……..


Featured on Hypersonic: 131220