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Galvanix is quickly becoming a name in the producer circles with recent hit remixes of Frank Ocean’s Wiseman, and Seven Lions’ track Days To Come that have been featured on Hype Machine, and numerous blogs from around the world. While Galvanix’s name is starting to circulate globally for these remixes, people in the EDM scene are already familiar. A staple of the Austin live music scene and member of the Gravitas Recordings crew, Galvanix has given locals a great taste of all different genres of EDM from around the world, right in their hometown.

Without setting a genre-specific sound to his sets, Galvanix delights crowds from all different EDM circles playing to them and their energy and knowing just how to get the party started or keeping it going. This ability to have crowds dancing and raging has made Galvanix a much sought after bill-mate to world renowned acts such as Andy C, Borgore and Downlink, among many others. The fact that Galvanix has been tapped to open for a diverse set of artists illustrates how well his sets fit any crowd or venue. Putting together guest mixes for blogs such as has opened up another avenue for his skills and shows that he can do it all.

While 2012 was an exciting and busy year for Galvanix, expect more from him in 2013 as he delves into more remixes, originals and further honing his skills on the live scene. Galvanix; remember that name, and that hair.

-Hypo Luxa of

Featured on Hypersonic: 130830, 140801


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