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Bryan Castellanos’ roots started on the dance floor in the after hours scene spanning from Houston, Austin, Dallas and Los Angeles clubs.
Houston’s after hours Club SOME is where this stomping ground would introduce Bryan to his origins of Deep House from residents DJ’s Chris Anderson (Matrix Crew) and Mike Pratt. While attending various parties with Alien Records owner DJ Herb, Dallas’ Rob Vaughn, and Houston’s Matrix Crew, he would be given a lesson on the power of Technics and the effect it had on dance floors. Inspired by this concept he purchased his first vinyl at Alien Records, The Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust -Fuck Up Beats (White Label) which would be the first record he learned to beat match. His break beat mixing ventures would be short-lived as a close friend shared a DRC mix tape with him, In Between Worlds, and was instructed to listen to it with an open mind. This is where he would first hear of Planet Rhythm Records from the Netherlands, specifically Vector Ordeals in Sound, “Phantom Cart” and Lenk “Mystic”. It was the sounds in these tracks that would impact his direction, as he envisioned something bigger than he had ever heard or witnessed. This was when Bryan tagged himself as DJ Data.
Inspired by sounds from Swedish Pioneers Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer, Bryan set off on a mission to witness it for himself at New Year’s Madness Park Rave 97’ in New Jersey with John Reyes (Audio Mekanic). With no idea of what they would encounter as other US greats (Adam X, Mike Dearborn, Frankie Bones) were on the lineup, Bryan and John witnessed something they could have never anticipated with a rare Cari and Adam US appearance. Hearing Hybrid Production’s “Ej Till Försäljning”, Drumcode’s “Råhångel Me´” and Rotations Records “Stocktown City” on a 200K Watt sound system create a ripple so huge the US Deejays looked astonished as they listened to the power of these tracks. This would start a new chapter for Techno as the European boys took over that night.
In 99′ Bryan followed crew members to SoCal to attend ONE gathering in the California desert to see Italy’s Marco Carola for the first time. He was instantly sold on the notion that SoCal was the place to be and packed up his Techno crates to head westward. Soon after Richie Hawtins exile from the US ended, it was in the San Diego Gas Lamp Quarter’s E-Street Alley on February 16th, 2000 that he would witness Decks FX & 909 tour. This set changed up what DJ Data’s idea of true programming meant when he heard the rearrangement of Drumcode 23, Maru pt 1 Safety Sessions played back to back. The only thing he could recall was that it wiped the slate clean with anything heard before, as Hawtin demonstrated the true art of layering tracks with bass kills and EFX with the infamous 909. It was a dream come true for him to listen to Hawtin pick apart tracks and re-arrange them in a way that completely messed with his head. Mission accomplished. While the dance scene was moving to clubs after SoCal parties continued to get raided, he would venture off to Spundae Circus and Avalon clubs in Hollywood. These clubs would be where he would see EAW audio systems and Allen & Heath XONE Series for the first time in action, with voltage-controlled pass filters and resonance adjusts, setting the standard for DJ controls.
DJ Data regained a deep respect for his origins as California showed him “House Nation” and unity.Data is looking forward to his story continuing in 2013 as he hits the studio and clubs with long time collaborators in ATX.

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