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Featured on Hypersonic: #182-091121, #283-111029, #461-150410, #487-151002

Akin to the mysterious sea anemone, Daniel Allen‘s sensibilities stretch from deep in the underground straight up to the surface.  Since his breakthrough in ’89, he’s had his tentacles in everything — 80s, drum & bass, house, techno, and all fusions thereof — giving his DJ sets a riveting, tactile quality.  Over the years, his meticulous production has garnered the likes of labels Uniform Recordings, NOICE!, Planet East Records, Nightshade Music, Harmonious Discord, Capital Techno Recordings, Whiskey Pickle, Headset Recordings, Panhandle Records, and most recently, he’s caught the attention of BluFin and iconic Bush Records.  When he’s not flipping peanut butter pancakes in the studio, the ubiquitous Daniel Allen can be found alongside his VAGABOND crew at Plush, Austin’s music-deviant Red River venue.

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