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As an experienced entrepreneur in House,Hip Hop,Funk,Underground Disco and Electro music, Ricardo ‘Big Rich’ Sandoval has established himself as one of the hardest working DJ’s in the business. Coming from the scenes of San Antonio, Texas, Big Rich has become well versed in a wide variety of genres and styles of Electronic Dance Music. First starting his career in 1997, Rich solely pushed himself to learn and network within the EDM community. His persistence and desire has made himself recognized as one of the most talented and creative DJs in Texas. Aiming to bring what his fans want to hear, Big Rich knows exactly how to get the crowd moving and grooving on the dance floor. He is well known for his devotion to the industry, himself, his fans, and other talented DJs. With great desires to share his mad mixing skills with others, Big Rich intends to be heard across the world and is making this happen through his continuous hard work.

Going on for two years now, Big Rich has been hosting his very own weekly Friday afternoon radio show, Friday Funkadelic, that can be heard from all over the world on Chicago House FM ( Chicago House FM, established in 2007, is the home of over 25 different radio shows brought to you by a number of professional, house-devoted DJs from all areas of the world such as the US, UK, Canada, Scotland, South Africa, Norway, Belgium, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland and more. Big Rich aspires to travel to new and unfamiliar places to achieve one thing and one thing only: to make his fans and music lovers in general dance their hearts out to his massive sounds.
While being a well-known and appreciated solo DJ, Rich has opened up for and played alongside many famous, A-List DJs and has also partnered numerous times with many other well-known Texas DJs to play two by four/tag team sets. Adding to his list of work, Rich has recently started a two by four team, ‘Mazchingon’ with his long-time comrade, KeeQue of San Antonio. Any person that meets Rich will immediately see his passion for the music industry and it is without a doubt that this DJ will go far and reach incredible heights. Follow DJ Big Rich on Twitter, Facebook, or Google + to see when and where he will be playing next


Appeared on Hypersonic: 100925, 120825, 140530